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Due to life outside of miniature painting, I no longer have the time to keep my website up to date. I thought a blog would be a much easier way to showcase my work to the public. I am going to try and keep this blog pretty simple, so I have a better opportunity to share my work with you. I plan on adding some tutorials very soon, as well as keeping you updated with my projects.

I am still taking on commission work, if you are interested in having something painted, please email me at mattverzani@cableone.net.

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Matt Verzani

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Dark Sword Diorama and some NMM techniques

Here is a picture of a diorama I did in early 2008. It is based off of a Larry Elmore painting. I think the axe blade is a good example of how to paint NMM (non metallic metal).

The most important thing to remember when trying the NMM technique is the transition from light to dark colors. This can be a very sharp transition based on the shape of the object. For instance, on this axe blade there is a sharp light to dark contrast between the flat of the blade, and the edged portion. While the flat portion of the blade itself has a gradual transition from light to dark. The play between the light and dark is really what gives it the metallic look. It doesn't matter what the actual colors are you choose to work with. If you can get the transition from light to dark right, it will look like metal.

Recent Commission Work

Here are some pictures of some Warhammer 40K Orks that I painted on commission during the past year. This is pretty typical of the standard I strive for when taking on commission work.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Welcome to my new blog. I will try to post on here much more frequently than I did with my website. I plan on getting a few tutorials up soon. I will also try and add pictures of several projects I've completed over the last few months. Here are some pics of my latest minis for Dark Sword Miniatures. They were sculpted by Tom Meier who always does amazing work, but these were truly exceptional.